Ian Breakwell: Re-inventing the Diary
The Diary

My work over the years has been in various media simultaneously: visual texts, drawings, photo-collage, events, theatre performances, film, film performances and expanded-cinema events, installations, environments, video, audio works, slide-tape sequences, digital imaging, writing and reading of prose texts. I have used whatever medium or media seemed necessary for each statement I wished to make, and certain themes consistently recur.

The investigation of the relationship between word and image runs like a thread through all this work, as does the concept of personal time, and the surreality of mundane 'reality'. Humour, in all shades through to the very darkest, is an integral part of this work.

The Diaries record the side events of daily life: by turns mundane, curious, bleak, erotic, tender, vicious, cunning, stupid, ambiguous, absurd, as observed by a personal witness.

Ian Breakwell